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My name is Sierra Kathleen, and i'm 19 years young. I'm currently attending college in SoCal.
That is all.
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Today, Emma Watson graduated from one of the most prestigious Ivy League colleges, Brown University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. She may be best known for her role as Hermione Granger in the movie adaptions of the Harry Potter series, but this young woman was determined to acquire an education—while simultaneously starring in 4 films (two of which were the last installments of the Harry Potter franchise). I just wanted to take a moment and praise Ms. Watson for her accomplishments. You don’t see her in the headlines for drug involvement or rehab or what have you. No. Some associations tied to her name include modeling, designing eco-friendly clothing, education, promoting positive body image, and supporting schools in Africa. To me, this is the epitome of a great role model not only for young girls but for anyone. To borrow a clichéd saying, she’s got a good head on her shoulders. Besides, English literature is pretty darn cool anyhow.


    part of me wants to be seven and careless.
    part of me wants to be back in your bed.
    part of me wants to be forty and settled.
    part of me wants to be dead.

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    i only have two emotions

    • yeah man
    • nah son

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    sometimes i picture imaginary arguments with people and i think aboutwhat i would say in response to certain points and i get so heated until like 5 minutes later when i realize that the argument isnt actually happening

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